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Our goal is simple. We want to delight each and every one of our customers!

Our Mission Statement & Governing Values

Our Mission:

We are pleased to help valued customers creatively represent themselves by providing consistently superior printed and copied products at an exceptional value. We promote an honest environment, a rewarding experience and a friendly atmosphere for our customers and our team members while maintaining financial stability.

ImagePro Printing & Copying, Inc is dedicated to these values:

Extraordinary Customer Service. We are committed to providing a positive experience for each customer. We take the time to understand the customer’s needs and then go the extra mile to make the job better than expected. We treat customers with respect, friendliness and professionalism.

Complete Integrity. We earn the trust of customers, employees, and vendors, by maintaining honest communication, high ethical standards, accountability and fairness.

Excellence in Quality. We are committed to producing attractive, effective products.  We use time-tested procedures, highly skilled staff and excellent equipment to create products that will not only reflect favorably on you and your organization, but will also effectively communicate your message.

A Creative Approach. From planning and designing to completion, we help our customers positively represent themselves through innovative products that are creative, attractive and effective. We use partnerships effectively to provide solutions to our customers’ needs. We produce each job with creativity in mind and strive to make every job a showcase.

Quick, On-Time Delivery. We give prompt service, quick turnaround and meet our promised deadlines while maintaining strict quality standards. Due dates are sacred!

Value. We are committed to providing the highest value for our customer’s printing dollar. Our products, service, quality, dependability and speed are superior. Our pricing is competitive. This combination creates real value!

Financial Stability. We are dedicated to upholding reasonable profit margins and financial reserves which maintain stability, ensure superior products, provide for rewarding employment and allow for improved technology and growth.


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